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And if you thought, even for a moment, that having that entire cultural heritage it shifts irresistibly away from a dynamic city and night life, you are far by a longshot. These monuments of ancient time, culture and tradition, serve as places where events take place, lots of people, young and old alike gather.

Ohrid Summer Festival

Ohrid summer festival is one of the most prestigious events in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as within the broader context of the European festival scene. Traditionally taking place between the 12th of July and 20th of August, Ohrid Summer is featuring a rich artistic program with concerts, theatre plays, art exhibitions and poetry readings


VODICI Join the procession to the city harbor, where processions from all churches meet. Here you will be offered hot rakiya (traditional brandy) or warmed wine by the locals, join the crowd , and be part of the manifestation and witnessing the throwing of the Holy cross exactly at noon. Over 500 contestants dive into the ice-cold lake to retrieve the blessed Cross. It is believed that the one who catches the cross will be blessed and will be accompanied with happiness throughout the year.

Balkan Folklor Festival

Balkan festival of folk songs and dances is an international folk festival in Ohrid, Macedonia. It was founded in 1962 and represents the oldest manifestation of its kind in the Balkans. At that festival many vocal and instrumental artistic groups and solosingers present the authentic tradition and culture throughout the dances, songs, customs, traditional clothes and instruments. Traditionally, the festival is held at the beginning of July.

Ohrid Swimming Marathon

The Ohrid Swimming Marathon is an international Open water swimming competition. It`s held once a year in the waters of the Ohrid Lake, Republic of Macedonia. The swimming path “Klime Savin” is 30 km long starting from the Monastery of St. Naum and going north toward the city port of Ohrid.

The first marathon race was done on the relation “Gorica – Ohrid”, which is 2,5 km and was organized in 1952. There were 8 participants on that race and the winner was Niko Nestor.
The following marathons were held in 1956 and 1957 with Diki Bojadji and Gjoko Chudov as winners.
The first real marathon was held in 1962 on the relation “Pestani Village – Struga – Ohrid” with length of 36 km and the winner was Abu Heif from Egipt, the second place was won from William De Vreng from the Netherlands and third was Diki Bojadji from Macedonia. In the women competition the winner was Atina Bojadji from Macedonia, who was a sister of Diki Bojadji.